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To my beautiful friend, mentor, teacher Rev.Judi

I have grown two-fold since working with you over these last 2 years. I first came to you so unsure of where and what I should be doing with my abilities to heal and hear spirit. In our 1st - 3 hour session I cannot tell you the relief I felt letting go of so much that held me back.  With all your love, gentle nudging and continued support I am becoming the light being I have always been meant to become in this lifetime. With your help and guidance I have let go of my fears of channeling and beginning to love working with my 11 guides.  Knowing I was meant to be a healer but never sure how this would work you have helped me peel back the onion layers to expose where my path is leading me.  I am so much more sure of myself these days I am grateful for all your guides and your help in showing me what was happening in my life.  

For others who have not worked with Judi or are thinking of working with Judi you will not be disappointed. She is amazing and is able to guide you to where you need to be at every step of the way. No matter what type of healing session you do with her the guidance and love you receive will point you in the right direction. Her knowledge of healing and working with her guides help create the loving space to help each person heal on their own level. God Bless to you my dear friend.

Thank you for all your help, support and love! Sue N

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Rev. Judi Weaver

I have spent my life in service: community service, public service, senior services and now Spiritual Services. I allow my heart to lead my footsteps along the Earth journey that we share. I have spent a lifetime seeking knowledge from across the world and integrating these sacred master teachings into my Heart 4 Souls practice of personal insight, purification, activation, wisdom, expansion, and spiritual growth. Individuals come seeking and leave with guidance, peace, healing energies, joy and a knowing of true Soul Love.

As a Certified Metaphysician, Spiritual Trance Channel, Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Medium, Certified Reader in Cassadaga, Certified Spiritual Healer, Certified Sound Color Healer, Certified Advanced Channeling, Certified Soul Life Intuitive, Certified Inner Sanctuary, Ordained Minister, Published Author, President and Spiritual Instructor for Heart 4 Souls Incorporated, my services are varied; however, if you have found my site, you are destined for a personal connection. Clients have expressed that these experiences are filled with infinite love, profound insight, miraculous physical results, pure acceptance, joy, peace, a soul re-balance, clear guidance, increased abilities, and are life changing. Blessings to you...