Non-profit designed for Enlightenment Services, Spiritual Development, Healing Energy Modalities and Community Education

Heart 4 Souls

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Divine Guidance, Psychic Channeling & Crystal Light Healings

Empowering Yourself to Enlightenment

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Journey to Find Your Soul Within, Soul Retrieval & Drum Circles

Finding Your Soul's Voice

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Rev. Judi Weaver

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Reading by Psychic Channel

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EVENTS - Enlightenment

Events & Classes

Divine Guidance to Inspire YOU

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Video Recordings

Virtual Session

Schedule your virtual session: skype, zoom, phone, audio recorded and/or emailed channeled messages. Energy exchange is the pure intention of the session and what is wanted person’s highest interest and/or benefit. There is truly no difference between being physically present or connected electronically. Highly effective and successful results are found in all options, therefore it's personal and geographic preference. Services can be for a group, individual or sent to the love one of concern. 

Crystal Light Energy Healing

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Shamanic Practitioner


Jamar, from Lemuria

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Guest Speaker & Services


Sacred Circle & Drumming

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Guidance in Meditation

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Property Spiritual Blessing

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Mini Psychic Reading

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Guided by Your Light


Group Sessions

Invite a group of friends, family members or guests to and allow Spirit to move through to provide guidance and healing energy which will benefit all in attendance. Arch Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Master, or other Light Beings from God Source can provide individuals with specific messages and answers to life questions.