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Rev. Judi Weaver

I have spent my life in service: community service, public service, senior services and now Spiritual Services. I allow my heart to lead my footsteps along the Earth journey that we share. I have spent a lifetime seeking knowledge from across the world and integrating these sacred master teachings into my Heart 4 Souls practice of personal insight, purification, activation, wisdom, expansion, and spiritual growth. Individuals come seeking and leave with guidance, peace, healing energies, joy and a knowing of true Soul Love.

As a Shamanic Practitioner, Crystal Light Healer, Trance Channel and Ordained Minister, my services are varied; however, if you have found my site, you are destined for a personal connection.

The Sacred energies are calling you for healing, clarity, and personal growth. Whatever service you choose, my work allows me to attune my vibration with God Source energy, to provide you with answers you are seeking.    

Clients have expressed that these experiences are filled with infinite love, profound insight, miraculous physical results, pure acceptance, joy, peace, a soul re-balance, clear guidance, increased abilities, and are life changing. Blessings to you... 

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Invite a group of friends, family members or guests to and allow Spirit to move through to provide guidance and healing energy which will benefit all in attendance. Arch Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Master, or other Light Beings from God Source can provide individuals with specific messages and answers to life questions.