Growing In Your Tribe (3-10 Guests)
Growing In Your Tribe (3-10 Guests)

Growing In Your Tribe (3-10 Guests)

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Invite friends and family member to experience a Live Channeled Guidance Circle. Judi allows for her energy and state of consciousness to be altered into a higher trance vibration so that the God/Source, Arch Angels, Masters, Spirit Guides and Universal Light beings of the highest intent may temporarily utilize her physical being to provide information, guidance and healing energies.

Guests are encouraged to ask questions so that the Universe and provide enlightened answer. This unique gathering is specifically designed for your preference: 

  • Invitation to meet your Angels and hear from the God Source
  • Invitation to meet Universal Light Beings of Your Highest Intention
  • Invitation to meet Lemurian/Atlantian Elders or others as requested 

Cost: $55 pp with a minimum of seven.