Rev. Judi Weaver is a gifted international spiritual trance channel medium and shamanic practitioner who has many sacred energies flowing through her. Judi walks a path which is open to growth and change each day. We are both teacher and student, and receive information in unique ways so that learning is meaningful. With willingness and a pure heart, we grow toward the sun and blossom.

Judi is an Ordained Minister, Metaphysician, Trance Channel, Certified Medium, Healer who has been practicing since the early 90's. She is the founder of Heart 4 Souls a non-profit organization, dedicated to spiritual development and healing modalities. She is a: published author; featured Trance Channel for Spirit Fest Florida; dedicated Grandmother of the Talking Stick Circle in the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, Florida; Presenter for workshops in Lily Dale, New York; hostess for sacred spiritual travels to Peru that includes Machu Picchu and Inca Paqo ceremonies.  

She has studied with internationally recognized teachers, and has been spiritually healing for many decades. She is a certified Metaphysician Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor & Healer and continues studies at Arthur Ford’s School @ Delphi University of Spiritual Studies & Patricia Hayes School of Healing & Metaphysics. She is a certified Healer and Instructor through the International Association of Metaphysics and has completed Paqo Modality studies with the Inca School of Medicine Cusco, Peru.   

Services include remote and hands-on healing, the ability to move a person into deep unconsciousness and unite the hand of God or Source Energies to alter the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions that are not of the highest and purest intent. As a trance channel she allows for various light beings through the God Source to filter into the physical plane so that information and guidance can be relayed to mankind. This information can be used to answer personal questions or can allow for clarification of an unsettling life situation. From her words, but (more) importantly, you will feel the universal love that permeates through her heart and into yours. Love, peace, joy, patience and perfectness of self along with all of who you are.

Love. Joy. Peace.

You may come with questions, and you will leave with the answers that are in your best interest. Be open to receive your own special truth from Universal Light and Love!

My Calling

I have been fortunate to have a diversified life filled with many opportunities to help people professionally and spiritually. I have always had a very strong faith and a close relationship to listen to and for what I am being guided to next. I have attended years of spiritual development classes and programs around the United States, Native American Reservations, Brazil and Peru.

The first time I remember clearly being called to heal was at age of 35. My father was diagnosed with cancer and given only a few months to live. He was a professed atheist and my family was not faithful. One night I sat straight up in bed as the God Source directed me to do a healing on my Father. I had no idea what was being asked of me, but followed its direction. The healing was accepted and he continued medical care but found his faith and our family changed immensely as he lived another nine years.  

My heart has always been to help, comfort, heal and educate others for a betterment in life. I am guided by Spirit to establish the non-profit Heart 4 Souls, which is an organization that specializes in spiritual healing, personal awakening, spiritual education including sacred travels. My path of preparation for what I do today includes having served as a Pastor of two non-denominational churches in Daytona Beach, Florida.  

Life is such a beautiful adventure and I do hope to get to meet you in mine



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I first met Rev. Judi Weaver through a caring progressive thinking Therapist that I am seeing. I had struggled with depression, suicidal thoughts, self-hate, a numbness of feelings and emotions for years due to childhood incest. I recently had memories invade my peace once more and sent me spiraling back into deep darkness.

I saw Rev. Judi Weaver for a Soul Retrieval. She is a powerful Crystal Healer, who caringly and compassionately performed the ceremony of retrieving my lost Soul parts and returning them to me. To complete me and make me whole once more.

Her abilities to work with the Light and the crystals are beyond words. Once your Soul parts are returned, she is available to answer any and all questions you may have.

I highly recommend Rev. Judi Weaver for any emotional healing you may need. She can complement any conventional therapies you are in now. 

I am now at peace with myself and have finally discovered self-love. Thank you Rev. Judi.

                                                                                          Sincerely, Annette S.

 A truly sacred experience for me! As Judi prepared and opened herself to allow for the energy of Universal Light Beings to come in and answer the stated questions through her voice. I felt their energy and the energy in the room throughout my own energy field. This stayed with me for up to two days afterwards and felt very transformative. A most interesting and amazing experience for me. I have not explored Psychic Channeling before and especially not in person – it is way different from watching it on YouTube!

The personal group questions were responded to in a clear understandable way to give guidance for our pursuit in life regarding the subject. It was most interesting to be able to have an actual conversation with the Being speaking through Judi at that moment. The tapping in beyond our knowing for universal exploration to receive divine messages and guidance from Universal Light Beings was a fascinating personal experience that lingers deep inside, while asking for more. Thank you, Judi!                                                          

                                                                                              Namaste, Ute M.  

 In early 2019, I felt guided to create a ceremony space at my house. It was a slow and intuitive process that was leading me deeper into connecting with Mother Earth. Judi helped me along the way with guidance and encouragement.

She opened the space in July of 2019 when we did a ceremony together. She called in Native American spirits who provided messages of love and gratitude for the space. Then she led our first ceremony with six people during a full moon on September 13th 2019. It was a powerful ceremony... we had an owl greet us as we called in the east and a hawk flew near us as the winds shifted as invited. She channeled messages from the spirit world and also gave an individual message to each of us.

Judi also created a stunningly beautiful Native American garment for me for the occasion. Judi is a powerful healer of love and light and I am filled with gratitude for her help to initiate my ceremony space! 

                                              Judy S.


Walking my Path

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