Native Spiritual Cleansing / Soul Activation - Vision Quest

Native Spiritual Cleansing / Soul Activation - Vision Quest

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Sometimes in life you face great challenges and then find yourself experiencing anxiety, unrest and may even feel paralyzed with indecision of knowing where to go or what to do. You know deep within the calling is clear, however you don't understand  what that means and what are you to do. 

The Great Spirit, God Source, Spirit Guides, Arch Angels, Masters and loved ones are always reaching out to surround you with their love and guidance. Through this sacred practice we will cleanse impurities and blockages within your mind, body and spirit and therefore allowing for a soul purification. Through this cleansing you will journey within for personal guidance to assist you in getting a stronger and pure understanding of your spiritual connection. Once fully prepared and connected the life-force of energies within your Soul will be activated, which can guide you onto your true Soul life path journey. 

We begin with smudging and calling in the four corners, prayers to invite the highest and best from the Spirit realms as preparation and protection for a person through this spiritual process. A person may be guided into a deep state of sub-consciousness through the use of repetitive percussion or music. Sound and vibration changes the physical energy patterns that are currently aligned within the body and allows for adjustments, time travel and balancing to transpire while meeting and receiving personal guidance.

This is a powerful personal transformation and the decision to move forward should be made through meditation and prayer. This 90 minute session and can be hosted on-line or in person in Ormond Beach, Florida or as travel permits.

A group can be coordinated as requested for this traditional journey experience at alternate location.