Video - Guided by Your Light

Video - Guided by Your Light

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 This spiritual workbook, Guided by Your Light, authored by Judi, is in self-study format. As you “do the work,” through the practice sessions at your own pace, you will strengthen your connection with God Source, while growing in faith, identifying your authentic path, as well as live a life filled with joy and peace.  

Video recordings of the book in its entirety is available for purchase including the guided meditations as read by the author. 

... Have you wondered if there is more in life than what is beyond your sight?

... Have you ever felt the presence of peace and love far beyond your expectation just for a fleeting moment, only to wonder how can I get that once again?

... Have you known that what is can be modified or shifted just a bit to become more?

Chapters include: Listening to Life, Energy Healing, Fruit of the Spirit & Chakras, Carrying the Weight of the World on your Hips, Spirit of Love, True Warrior in Today's World, Drumming, World of Water, Tree of Life, Dance with a Dragonfly, New Beginnings of Spiritual Knowledge Through Nature, Fall-o-Wing the Whispering Wings, Eagle Clouds - Angel messages. 

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