Light Workers - Activate & Enhance

Light Workers - Activate & Enhance

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The Light Workers Activate & Enhance Your Gifts sessions are designed to support Light and Energy Workers who are interested in developing a greater understanding of their gifts and talents and learn to strategies and techniques to increase their capabilities. 

This is a two-part session (ninety minutes each), which will include an evaluation of your current status, what are your practices, we will identify where you find/gain strength and where you would like to see improvements along with personal goals. 

We will move through a mind, body and spirit cleansing practice to identify and move through current blockages of this time and previous incarnations. This allows for a fundamental re-calibration of your Spirit, thereby opening yourself to increased energy flow.   

You will receive personalized guidance and messages from your Angels, Masters, Spirit Guides and the God Source to assist you in identifying and understanding your enlightenment journey. You will practice development techniques and will be provided with support and guidance through your journey.