Video - Truth Beyond  All Channel Sessions

Video - Truth Beyond All Channel Sessions

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Truth Beyond – What you ever imaged was the truth!

Welcome to the city of Telos, home of the ancient Lemurian race. They have been waiting for millennia inside their mountain sanctuary, after the dramatic destruction of their homeland during the creation of the modern-day continents, eighty-four million years ago. The Lemurians, an evolved race, no longer inhabit physical bodies, and resemble their former selves in spiritual essence. They wait patiently for humanity to open their hearts to receive their energetic signals, to impart Eternal Truths which will save Planet Earth, and raise humanity’s consciousness.

    Is this a fantasy? Absolutely not! Judi, a spiritually connected Shamanic healer and channel, received the call of her Spirit Guide, Jamar, to seek them out and receive their wisdom. She followed the call to the disclosed physical portal on Earth, and as instructed, published an open invitation to our world. Six brave women faithfully sat in prayerful meditation for months to lend their energies to receive the wisdom. The information was transcribed verbatim and documented, for the benefit of anyone willing to share in the spiritual evolution. Here and now is your invitation to discover the location of the portal and read the truth from beyond!

This purchase includes links to all 9-Video Recorded Sessions.