Video - Truth Beyond: Session 2

Video - Truth Beyond: Session 2

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Session 2 provided a wide variety of information about our Earth and numerous guides and Angels along with our first incorporation of the God Source. 

Questions: What can we do to help Mother Earth?   What can we do to establish clear two way communication Masters – all Spirits, Source, Master Spirits and Angels?

Information and guidance was provided by: Jerome from Archea; Grandfather Redwing; Gregory; Gatekeeper Baylot; Arch Angel Ariel; Jelly Belly and the God Source.

Within this session Gregory's message: So, what's happening right now in this Earth? You’re experiencing a major collapse, and you know it! You see it. You're experiencing it. You feel it. The chaos is going to continue to grow and to blow! And that's what's happening, because it has to be cleaned up and it needs to be brought back into an alignment. It’s too far out of balance! This was channeled in September of 2019, many months before the outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic which has changed our world.