Video - Truth Beyond: Session 4

Video - Truth Beyond: Session 4

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Last session it was suggested by Elder Jamar to request to speak to someone from the city of Atlantis, and learn first-hand about their community in comparison to Telos.

This session included questions and open topic discussions:  Discuss how our DNA is changing and can we do anything to support this transition?  We would like to invite and to speak to us an elder from Atlantis discuss his/her community. How they operate? What they do and any other general information they would like to provide.

Surprise visit from a young Angel in training followed by open discussion: Lemurian Elder Jamar from Telos.

Incorporation included: Jerilla – Intergalactic DNA Bank; Victor from Germaina; Gatekeeper Baylot; Asmarelda from Atlantis; Gerome (Angel in Training); Elder Lemurian Jamar.