Video - Truth Beyond: Session 5

Video - Truth Beyond: Session 5

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This session we decided to host a more fluid interaction and allowed Gatekeeper Baylot to invited entities with the greatest wisdom to provide guidance. 

Open forum topics for discussion. Discuss the heaviness and the trauma which is affecting the planet at this moment with the changes. Aligning with light and understanding Auras. How to go ahead and get energy from other things. To be able to utilize it for yourself. 

Invitation to Star System Sirius and invitation to Lemurian Elder, Jamar

Incorporation: Oliver from Sansabar; Angilina; Kickenstand; Gatekeeper Baylot; Male light being; Pink Light Beam Vabrina; Lemurian Elder Jamar and God Source.  

Life Is Life. The essence of life is to be in love. To share love. To share peace. To be one with joy. To become and to do and to live fulfilled and happy.  God Source